Tomarts Price Guide

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Your Best Online Price Guide to Star Wars Vintage toys!

We've all been there... You've found that great deal on eBay or the missing Action Figure in your closet and you didn't have a Tomart's guide handy... But you just gotta know what it's really worth! Ever wanted a website that can tell you everything for free that such a guide can?

Well me too! Could you email me and tell me where it is when you find it? :)

Seriously, this site aspires tobe the closest thing to it... The reason I can't simply type in all my findings from guides like Tomart's is because that would be pure and simple copyright infringement. However, I can compile my own database of what I've seen COMPLETE SINGLE ITEMS actually sell for on eBay!

In some ways, this is nowhere near as accurate as a Tomart's pricing guide, but in many cases, it's a more realistic approach for us modern collectors, who buy everything off of eBay anyway...

More often than not, people will come here to read this price guide instead of the official listings in guides like Tomarts, but I have to warn you that this can be dangerous if it's your only reference! Vintage Star Wars Toys dot com CANNOT be held responsible for money lost either by your buying or selling vintage Star Wars toys using this guide or any other on our website as a reference. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

One final note; I have a job and have to do this as a hobby, so I really don't have time to update this list daily. I wish I could, but since you likely have a job too, I bet you know why this is.

For pricing that can't be found on this site, I still highly recommend TOMARTS Guide. (Above) The other nine of these books are all great at some particular type of star wars toy or collectors item, but none as broadly-reaching as Tomarts.

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  • charlie:

    I have a large collection of star wars figures and other collectibles,including a movie trailer from e3,i need an up to date price guide.for the unusual items.thank you charlie

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