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Collect Vintage Star Wars Figures and Toys? If so, then hit CTRL+D now, (or otherwise bookmark this site) because this is the free resource you've been looking for! Although this site is not just for Ebay collectors alone, many of you have been to the following eBay category:

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This area of eBay sums up pretty well the area of vintage toys that this website is dedicated to. The unique layout of this site offers free advice, price lists, parts checklists, everything a vintage SW collector could possibly want all in one place. And for the first time on the net, it's all for free!

How to use this website:

This site is growing rapidly, with many different types of content being put online daily. If you're looking for a figure from the early era, (1977 & 1978) then luckily for your we've completed those parts of the site and you can simply click the "1st Wave Figures" and "2nd Wave Figures" tabs at the top to look up your figure.

Everything else from the Star Wars universe is best found by using the search box at the top right. It's not an average wordpress search... In fact I actually taught it a jedi mind trick. :)

Why a whole website about a single line of 25 year-old toys?

Because the popularity of Star Wars Toys, even those made 30 years ago, is astounding. Even back in 1985, when Return of The Jedi was fresh in all of our minds, we kids already knew that these toys were worth more than our transformers, our GI Joes, and all of our green, plastic toys soldiers combined... The "collectability" of Star Wars toys was already hyped up beyond any other toys, and 20 years later, there is no end to the hype in sight... Our need to continue collecting them is at an epic proportion!

For instance, at the time of this writing, there are currently 5,700+ toy auctions being sold in the category mentioned above. And that's just 1 category in the star wars section of collectable toys in eBay alone! Think about that. Some are for a simple replacement part like Obi-wan's vinyl cape, and many others are 'used lots' of 50 or more figures in various shape. Average that out to something like 1 vehicle or playset and 15 figures w/weapons & clothing articles times 5,700, then add in the other categories these toys might fall under, then add in other auction websites and online stores, and you've literally got many thousands of people selling Millions of vintage star wars toys, a child's toy that hasn't been produced since 1985, at any given time, 24/7/365!

Top that, Barbie, Cabbage patch kids, pet rock, and Mr. Potato Head!


Fine Print: *All Star Wars characters, likenesses, people, places, events, things, and universes are all the trademarked property of Lucasfilm Inc. -But you probably knew that already, didn't you? I mean, if we had to put a little "TM" sign beside every last trademarked reference on this site, there'd be no room for the content! So please just pretend you saw it beside every other word we've written here, ok? Thanks!

Anakin Skywalker

Fade to Dark: The Tale Of Anakin Skywalker

Yes, we actually went out and searched these eBay and other auctions just for you. They are fresh and likely expiring soon. eBay is the only place online I"ve ever seen to carry a good inventory of vintage Star Wars stuff, so consider these the best to be had:

Fernando Torres 2010-11 EPL Season: A Hero's Journey Told In Photos and Verse

Fernando Torres is a tragic hero and journeyman hewn in the mold of icons like Frodo, Anakin Skywalker and even Jesus. During the 2010-11 English Premier League season, Nandy has gone from the saviour of the floundering Liverpool FC to a discarded messiah, cast out by the return of the one true king, Kenny Dalglish. At Chelsea, Torres is an itinerant warrior in a sea of mythical and battle worn ...

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